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2019 New York Korean Tennis Championships    

NYKATA’s 39th Annual Dinner Party

will be held on Feb. 10th, 2019, Sunday. 6pm

at the Daedong Manor (대동연회장)

150-24 Northern Blvd. Flushing, NY 11354

contact: Jackie 917-886-7788


Including (1) Scholarship Award Ceremony,

           (2) Tennis Awards of the Year Ceremony etc.


새해맞이 청소년 무료레슨^^.

  • Free Lesson 1/4 & 1/11/2019
  • 초보- 어린이들을 환영합니다.
  • 문의 최연숙 총무 646-732-7010,

 2019 January special event

Free Lesson for Juniors

Any beginner levels over 7 years old

At the USTA National Tennis Center, Indoor Training Center

From Jan. 4th & Jan 11th (Fridays 8:30~10 pm)

  • Wear shorts, t-shirt and tennis shoes.
  •  If you do not have a Racquet, Just come.
  • Contact Ms. Julie Choi @646-732-7010

NYKATA Tennis School

@ The USTA National Tennis Center/ Indoor

Registration begins September 17th.

 2018~19 Programs...


(09/28/2018 to 05/17/2019)

Program I .. Group Lesson (8:30~10 pm)   

  • 30 weeks*1   Indoor courts
  • No classes on  11/23, 12/21, 12/28, 4/19
  • $700 for 15 Weeks
  • Family discount available (see details) 
  • 6 classes by evaluation Beginner thru Advanced
  • Group Lesson, Free trial available

□download [Program I Application Form
> PDF version  > MS Word version

Program II ..Double Game(9:30~11:30 pm)  

  • 30 weeks*1  Indoor court... 2 hrs
  •  No classes on  11/23, 12/21, 12/28, 4/19
  •  $600 + Registration Fee
  •  Only for Advanced players (NTRP 3.5 +) 
  • Serious Double Game + Clinic  
  • Tournament in every month  
  • 문의: 김기용 사무총장 917-747-359 


2018 한국일보배 테니스대회

대회의 효율적 등록과 진행을 위해 올해부터 온라인으로만 등록을 받습니다.

등록 바로하기 Registration--> 클릭 Click here

> 자원봉사 신청서 내려받기

Volunteer application form click-> (DOC, PDF)



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DISPUTE.. SERVING in Dbls & in MXD Dbls 
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<h1>Can we change</h1>
<h2>the serving order in doubles?</h2>
Question: In a league match, my doubles partner and I were struggling to get in a rhythm. After losing the first set, we switched the serving order and got into a groove. After going up 3-0, our opponents noticed the change and said it was illegal to switch the serving order. Were they correct?


Answer: If only wiping the slate clean in life were as easy, we would do it every day. Luckily, in tennis, you get to wipe the slate clean at the beginning of every set. That’s why you see so many great comebacks after teams lose a 6-0 in the first set. At the beginning of every set, including the 10-point match tiebreak, you can switch the serving order of doubles partners so you were correct in changing strategy at the start of the next set. The new rotation then continues until the end of that set. (Rule 14).




Question: During a no-ad mixed doubles match, it was my partner's (who is female) turn to serve and we got to deuce, deciding point, our opponent indicated that the male on opposite team would receive. I said that the receiver had to be the female in mixed, as it is supposed to be gender to gender on a deciding point. The other team disagreed. Who is correct?


ANSWER: You are. Appendix V of the rules of tennis provide that, in mixed doubles, the player of the same gender as the server shall receive the deciding point when playing no-ad scoring.

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